Our Mission

To make energy efficiency economically viable by capturing incentives and rebates for our partners.

Who we are?

We are a team of (mostly) young professionals who know sustainable energy is part of America’s future. We have a lot of ground to cover in this effort and, by increasing the affordability of energy efficiency (America’s most accessible renewable energy resource), we will get there.

When RealWinWin sends you an incentive check for selling or buying more efficient equipment, it helps you with your bottom line and rewards you for your step towards sustainability. Getting those checks isn’t always easy, but we love what we do because it’s the right thing to do. Together we save money and improve our future.

Our Values

Integrity. Efficiency. Partnership.

Meet Our Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a rebate and an incentive?

A rebate is a monetary reward given to customers for purchasing and installing high efficiency equipment. An incentive is money offered up front to influence a customer to make the decision to purchase and install high efficiency equipment over cheaper, standard equipment.

Why rebates and incentives?

Incentives and rebates offset most if not all the incremental expense between a standard efficiency equipment option and a more expensive, higher efficiency option. The goal is to eliminate any immediate cash concerns and promote the installation of more efficient systems on the energy grid. Over time, such systems will draw less energy, providing increased supply through less demand.

Where does the money come from?

The vast majority of rebate and incentive programs are funded by utility ratepayers, and charged as a line item on residential, commercial, and industrial customer utility bills. These funds are then pooled together and redistributed in the form of rebates and incentives.

What services does RealWinWin offer?

Please see our Services section for details.

What are your fees and how are you paid?

RealWinWin’s fee structure is dependent upon project scope and desired service levels. We offer premium services at a competitive rate. Rebate capture is a "success-fee" contingency-based service and can be paid right out of the rebate check. Rebate estimating services are typically billed at a flat rate per use, monthly, annually, and can at times be credited back with rebate capture. Please contact us for further details.

How long will it take for me to get my rebate?

The timeline varies by program, many will pay within 60-90 days but the process can be slower in others.

What industries do you serve?

RealWinWin works with customers in a variety of sectors, including commercial real estate, industrial, hospitality, government, education and retail. We also partner with equipment manufacturers, contractors, vendors, and other parties involved in the sale and/or installation of high efficiency equipment.

What type of projects do you address?

Our services cover new construction, renovations, relocations, expansions, fit-outs, planned equipment replacements, emergency replacements, and large scale portfolio retrofit programs across all types of technologys and all types of buildings.

Why should we use you?

The rebate capture process is intensive. We leverage our years of rebate and incentive program experience, relationships, filing and negotiation expertise and access to in-house and program resources to maximize rebate monies for our customers while saving them the burdens and frustration of the process. Our services include prototype reviews, budgetary estimates, firm and final estimates, energy savings calculations, coordinating with vendors, negotiating with utility program managers, rebate capture and expediting payments. We make the whole entire process easy and profitable for you.

What about grants and tax credits, will you get those?

RealWinWin specializes in ratepayer-funded rebate and incentive programs. Depending on the requirements of other types of programs, if we cannot help you, we will introduce you to our trusted partners who can.

Is this going to slow down construction?

Rebate and incentive programs have guidelines around pre-approval and final application timing that must be met in order to qualify. Please contact us to discuss your project(s) as soon as possible and we will minimize the effect, if any, on your construction schedule.

Why do you need a W9?

A W9 is required for all entities participating in commercial rebate programs and is used to verify the corporate status of the applicant.

What if my landlord pays my utility bills, can I still get a rebate for the equipment I purchase?

Rebates are typically offered to the actual ratepayer for the affected facility. If your landlord pays the utility bills directly to the utility, they are eligible for the rebate. However, many programs will allow your landlord to assign the rebate over to a tenant.